A proposed development in the Village of Milford has gotten the rezoning approval needed to go forward. Developer Ray LeDuc has been working for roughly 4 years to bring a housing development to the 8-acre, Gazebos Unlimited site, at the intersection of Summit and Milford roads. The site was previously zoned residential multi-family and industrial. It will now be a planned unit development. According to the Milford Times, LeDuc will build 44 single family homes and 18 townhomes on the parcel.

The 62 unit PUD ensures a lighter density than what would have been possible under other scenarios, as laid out to Council members by Village Manager Christian Wuerth in the February 3rd agenda packet. Leaving it as it, LeDuc could have built 77 units with a manufacturing facility component, while downsizing the industrial to match the residential zoning would allow 114 units.

With railroad tracks and other features in the area making a left-turn lane in the area not feasible, LeDuc will install a right-turn lane to help keep traffic from backing up. Village Council granted LeDuc 2 years to get the site build-ready, with the possibility for a 3rd year extension.

The rezoning request was approved by a 5-2 vote. (MK)