Hundreds of volunteers came out in support of the Livingston County’s largest community service event.

Wednesday marked the date for the 17th Annual Livingston County United Way Day of Caring event. More than 1,200 volunteers visited 130 sites, in the name of giving a little help to those who are less fortunate. Many of these workplaces were located at the homes of senior citizens, disabled residents, or on the site of non-profit organizations. Volunteers performed projects like painting, cleaning yard waste, and trimming hedges.

Day of Caring Co-Chairman Piet Lindhout led a team of 10 members from the Brighton Rotary Club. The crew pulled out on old, steep, un-safe ramp and built a new, safe one from scratch for a woman who’s been struggling with a walker and scooter. Lindhout said the response from all the people they’ve helped so far has been warm and fuzzy. He said “They can’t believe that we’re doing it and not asking for anything but a ‘thank you.’ I think it’s great to see Livingston County Step up and be good neighbors, because that’s what we ought to be- good neighbors, helping each other out. And you see that today.”

Lindhout took a moment to thank everybody who dedicated their time and talents for the event, saying that the volunteers’ efforts are not unappreciated. He said that while the United Way’s name is on it, it couldn’t be done without the outpouring of support they have received from the community. (MK)