April O'Neil / news@WHMI.com

The Michigan Humane Society (MHS), Oakland County Animal Control (OCAC), and nearby animal handlers, are working to capture a steer that was last seen in a wooded area near I-75 in Holly, MI.

The steer named "Lester" allegedly went missing while being transported from the Devoted Barn in Holly to the Abraham Ranch in Ortonville.

However, the timeline on the animal’s escape is still unknown.

6 weeks ago, Lester was allegedly one of five cattle in the process of being transported to Abraham Ranch, with the help of MHS. Sometime during the move Lester broke loose, and he is thought to have been roaming for some time.

According to Abraham Ranch’s social media, MHS was working with OCAC to relocate the cows from the Devoted Barn property to Abraham Ranch for housing and care. During the relocation process, Lester broke free, and was thought to have entered a wooded portion of Abraham Ranch.

MHS and OCAC were allegedly aware of Lester’s escape, but did not inform the public, as it wasn’t believed that he wandered off the Abraham Ranch’s property.

In early May, Lucky Day Animal Rescue in Grand Blanc got a call about a steer that was seen roaming on an unfenced property near I-75 in Holly. President Gretchen Sommer said she spent 14 days trying to capture Lester and contacted MHS & OCAC for help with rescue efforts.

As of Friday, May 19th at 3:00 p.m., OCAC confirmed Lester has still not been located. It has also not been confirmed exactly how Lester was able to escape and how long he has been roaming.

OCAC is asking anyone with information on Lester's whereabouts to contact them at 248-858-1090.