A national cable television commentator spoke on the Trump presidency to area Republicans at their yearly dinner. Pete Hegseth, co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend, was the keynote speaker at the Livingston County Republican’s 2018 Lincoln Day Dinner, Thursday night. The event took place at Crystal Gardens Banquet Hall, in Genoa Township.

Hegseth spoke to approximately 250 people in attendance, many of who are community leaders, including 8th District Congressman Mike Bishop, State Representatives Hank Vaupel and Lana Theis, and State Senator Joe Hune.

Originally a supporter of Marco Rubio and then Ted Cruz in 2016, Hegseth shared with the crowd his Donald “Trump conversion moment.” He said at one point he saw the “cultural fight for our country.” He continued, asking, “Do we have borders or not? Do we stand for the anthem or not? Do we support our cops or not? Do we fund our military or let it become dilapidated? Are we American citizens, or global citizens? Do we say the Pledge (of Allegiance) or not? These shouldn’t be left or right issues. These are American issues.”

An Army Major who was deployed 3 times post 9-11, Hegseth discussed with the crowd 3 pillars of Trump’s presidency. The first is the president’s indictment of the “fake news media.” The second is his war on political correctness. Hegseth said the political correctness needs to die, and that people should stand up, be tall, and learn from the president. And the third was his reverence for patriotism. He rallied those in attendance to stay true to their civic duties and to encourage a sense of patriotism in their kids.

Hegseth said he sees the Republican Party as the lynchpin of the free world, and if the 21st century doesn’t belong to America, then it won’t be a free century. (MK)