An investigation of a site owned by Green Oak Township has found that while soil has been impacted by heavy metals, there is no immediate or significant environmental health risk.

Environmental consultants from Hydro-Logic Associates presented the report at a public meeting held at Green Oak Township Hall Tuesday. At the request of the municipality, Hydro-Logic investigated the 3.35 acres of township-owned property located on Rushton Road after heavy metals were discovered four feet below the land’s surface. Hydro-Logic collected soil, sediment, surface water, drinking water and groundwater samples; all of which returned results indicating that the impact does not appear to pose a significant or immediate environmental health risk.

Township Supervisor Mark St. Charles says while there’s no reason for immediate concern, the municipality will continue the investigation and testing, as well as work with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and Livingston County Health Department, to resolve the contamination. Based on the results of their investigation, Hydro-Logic is recommending the township install a fence to restrict access to the site, conduct ground and surface water sampling again in 2019 and 2020, and ensure that no excavation and/or soil removal activities occur on the site without proper approvals.

The township acquired the property in 1997 and officials were later made aware of “suspicious mounds” on the site that turned out to be piles of metal and buried deer carcasses. While there has never been a building or industrial activity on the acreage now owned by the township, aerial photographs dating back to 1940 show a consistent pattern of industrial uses on property to the north of the site. St. Charles says it’s possible the township’s property could’ve been associated with the property to the north at some point, potentially even considered as all one parcel, but notes that the site’s history is “sketchy”.

At Tuesday’s meeting, St. Charles also addressed rumors that the township is selling the property and rumors of Chernobyl-esque creatures. He made it explicitly clear that the property is not for sale and that there are “no green, glowing frogs”.

More information about the investigation and results can be found at the link below. (DK)