The Pinckney Police Department is sponsoring a Hunter Safety Education seminar next month.

The introductory class will be held Wednesday, August 8th, from 9am to 6pm at the Pinckney Community Library. It will be led by Hunter Safety Instructor Art Joslin, who teaches the same course for local groups including Pinckney Police, Peacemakers Gun Range, and the Howell Gun Club. Joslin says in addition to obviously teaching safety measures, the class covers survival skills, conservation, preservation and laws that a new hunter needs to know to apply for a hunting license in the state of Michigan.

Joslin feels the class is very important, in part due to his belief that new hunters are often so focused on the game that they forget there are other components to practicing. He says that includes trespassing and knowing how to find one’s way around. Joslin says the ultimate goal of the class is to reduce the number of hunting accidents.

There is a course fee of $10, which covers lunch, snacks and water. A parent or guardian must accompany participants under the age of 10, with a requirement to register in advance. Additional event and registration details can be obtained by contacting Joslin at 810-623-1305. (DK)