Livingston County residents are being made aware of a potential scam threatening bogus IRS liens.

Livingston County Register of Deeds Brandon Denby is making citizens aware of phony threats received by mail concerning IRS liens against their property because of back due income taxes. He says individuals in the local area recently received notices by “tax solution experts” reminding people of liens the taxpayer is supposedly already aware of. The notices further warn that the liens are recorded in the Livingston County Courthouse and offer assistance to help with debt relief. The letters that were received listed a dollar amount owed, one of which was more than $22,000, related to the homeowner’s 1040 filing and recorded on July 17, 2018. Upon research at the Register of Deeds Office, Denby says no such lien was filed and the homeowner specified he did not file using a 1040 form, noting his name was spelled incorrectly on each company’s forms.

Denby advises that residents can check for recorded liens against their property in Livingston County anytime on the county website. He says they can also contact the Register of Deeds office with any concerns about recorded documents pertaining to property. Denby offered further information to help individuals avoid becoming a fraud victim, which is included in the attached press release. (JM)