By Jessica Mathews /

Many Livingston County residents are likely thinking spring with the recent nice weather but good times never last.

The official first day of spring is March 20th and the National Weather Service is forecasting that it will be wetter than average with typical temperature swings.

Warning Coordination Meteorologist Rich Pollman tells WHMI the season will probably be fairly normal for temperatures with the usual swings of warm weather followed by some cool weather. However with changes in the temperature pattern, he says that’s also when we’ll see storm systems and the storm track become quite active - which why they’re forecasting above average precipitation this spring.

For the month, Pollman says average highs are around 40 at the beginning but then start to climb - with averages in the lower-50’s toward the end. Pollman says unfortunately the nice spring-like weather is coming to an end and temperatures will be much closer to average through the remainder of March. He said it looks like we might have a couple of warm days yet but noted that when the cold fronts come through, temperatures drop back down to average - with maybe a day or two below average.

Pollman noted the month of March still averages about 6 to 9 inches of snow in Livingston County. He said they don’t see any storms in the forecast for the rest of the month but the potential is still there and he wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple of days with snowflakes.

Pollman noted that a couple of records were set during the recent warm stretch. On Wednesday, he says the City of Detroit tied its record at 70 and Flint broke its record when it reached 71 degrees.