By Mike Kruzman /

Livingston County will have a new Prosecutor in the New Year, as all of the key Livingston County offices will remain in Republican control.

Former Chief Judge David Reader will be the new Livingston County Prosecutor. Reader, a Republican, stepped down from the bench last year to run for the position, claiming a desire to restore integrity to the position. He defeated current prosecutor Bill Vailliencourt in the primary, and soundly defeated Democratic challenger Ragan Lake in the General Election by a 2-to-1 vote.

In other county races, Livingston County Clerk and Republican-incumbent Betsy Hundley beat Democrat Jordan Genso by the same margin. The result was remarkably similar in the race for County Treasurer. G.O.P.-incumbent Jennifer Nash won another term in her defeat of Democrat Dan Lauria. Another Republican-incumbent, Brian Jonckheere, who leads the County Drain Commission, scored a 30-point win against challenger and Democrat Andrew Nowicki. And Republican Brandon Denby will continue manning his post as Register of Deeds after winning his re-election against Democrat Julie Hargenrader by 27-points.