By Mike Kruzman /

With this weekend bringing early spring weather, the Road Commission for Oakland County is applying weight restrictions on dozens of local roads, beginning Monday.

The Michigan Department of Transportation also announced spring weight restrictions for state roads, Monday, as well.

Seasonal spring weight restrictions are going into effect on Oakland County’s non-all-weather roads, starting at 6am on March 7th. Several roads in the Lyon, Highland, Holly, and Milford areas will be affected. The restrictions are meant to help minimize the damage done to roads as they are thawing by limiting the amount of weight trucks can carry. The restrictions do not affect passenger vehicles, but do apply to commercial trucks. Those found in violation of weight restrictions are subject to a citation and fine.

The RCOC’s Director of the Department of Customer Services, David Czerniakowski, said in a release, that the timing of this year’s restrictions is fairly typical compared to other years. He added that the restrictions will be removed when it is determined that the soil is no longer saturated and the frost is thawed.

A “truck operators’ map” is available from the Road Commission, and can be found on their website,, or obtained by calling (248)858-4835.

A complete list of affected roads can also be found attached below.

(Photo: Road Commission for Oakland County)