By Mike Kruzman /

Oakland County residents who live on gravel road can now apply for help with dust control.

Applications for the Road Commission for Oakland County’s dust-control program for 2022 may now be submitted. In a press release, the Road Commission asks that residents check with their township to see if the township participates in the cost of the program. This can change from year to year, so even if residents checked in 2021, they are encouraged to so again.

The program involves the Road Commission applying a mineral-well brine to gravel roads four times during the summer and fall season to help keep down the dust. The brine is naturally occurring saltwater pumped from the ground. When applied to gravel roads, it draws moisture from the air and ground, binding the materials in the road surface and reducing the amount of dust that becomes airborne.

The cost to participate is 50.64-cents per linear foot. Residents who live on subdivision streets pay for a minimum of 1,000 feet of application, which comes to a $506.40 total for four applications. Orders for “mile-type” gravel roads should be for a minimum of 500 feet with no more than one skipped, non-participating property. Private roads are not eligible for the program.

More information, including links to apply can be found in the press release and attachments below.