Jessica Mathews /

Lengthy ramp closures on I-96 start later this week and local motorists should be prepared.

The closures are planned as work starts picking back up on the I-96 Flex Route project.

The Michigan Department of Transportation advises that starting this weekend on eastbound 96; the Wixom, Beck and Novi entrance ramps will all be closed and rebuilt.

MDOT Spokeswoman Diane Cross cautions that means Milford Road will be the last point of entry to get on the freeway. While 96 will be down to two lanes, Cross says that will start to get a rhythm after a couple of weeks as people try different routes.

Cross says they anticipate that a lot of motorists will be using local roads – meaning there will be heavier traffic on mile roads and cross-roads that go over the freeway because they’ll be looking for a ramp to be open.

Up to date project information is available in the provided link.