A number of road closures are scheduled to allow for railroad crossing repairs.

The Livingston County Road Commission issued nine advisories for different crossings where work will be taking place over the next couple of weeks. In Genoa Township, CSX Transportation will be repairing the grade crossing on Challis Road located east of Bauer Road starting Monday, lasting through Thursday. Repairs are also scheduled to start Monday at the Crooked Lake Road railroad crossing just west of Dorr Road and be completed Friday. Then on Tuesday, repairs start at the Sweet Road crossing and should be done Thursday. Repairs also start Tuesday at the grade crossing at Chilson Road, located just north of I-96, and the crossing on Lucy Road. Both are scheduled for completion Friday. The four remaining advisories are in Handy Township. The railroad crossing at Hogback Road will be closed Wednesday through Friday; the crossing at Cemetery Road will be closed Thursday and Friday; the crossing on Van Riper Road will be closed next Thursday through Monday, July 1st. Repairs at the railroad crossing on Nicholson Road will start Monday July 1st and should be completed by Wednesday, July 3rd.

The Road Commission says signs will be placed near the crossings in advance of the start dates to notify motorists of the upcoming closures. (JM)