Putnam Township’s new fire chief has been sworn in.

Curt Ruf, who served with the Brighton Area Fire Authority for nearly 20 years, was sworn in as the township’s new fire chief at a meeting of the Board of Trustees Wednesday. Township leaders and members from Ruf’s family and the fire department attended the swearing-in ceremony. Ruf was chosen from a pool of originally 17 candidates and appointed to the position last month, following a unanimous decision by the Board of Trustees. Township Supervisor Dennis Brennan previously told WHMI before he was hired, Ruf met with current Fire Chief Greg Amburgey. Brennan says Amburgey immediately told him they need to do whatever it takes to bring Ruf on board. Officials have said his dedication to learning about the township and its finances, as well as his many years of experience, was contributing factors in their decision.

Ruf tells WHMI he applied for the position because of his appreciation for the community, and the township’s leaders and fire department. He says his most immediate goal is to continue serving residents to the best of his ability and, hopefully displaying the same passion and leadership that he sees in Chief Amburgey.

Ruf says, "It's always been a passion of mine to serve the community. I hope to be able to fill the footsteps of Chief Amburgey, who's done a great job of being a community leader, and continue that role and being involved in the community, not only in emergency services but everything else that they offer. He has a lot of passion for this community. He has a lot of passion for the people in this community. I want to continue to carry that on because it's very important."

Amburgey plans to officially leave his post July 12th with about a year-and-a-half left on his contract. He announced his retirement plans in January, which include him and his wife leaving the area to move to a place they own up north. (DK)