A pet alligator escaped from a Milford Township home last week and went on an adventure.

James Kozub has owned the four-foot long American alligator for 20 years and has lived in the township for the past eight years. Puff had been left on a tether in the front yard of Kozub’s home in the 2000 block of East Commerce but managed to break loose and escape Thursday afternoon. Puff wandered around and ended up in a neighbor’s yard down the street. A woman passing by noticed the alligator in the yard and notified the homeowners, who contacted police. The woman and a man at the neighbor’s home were able to capture Puff, who still had a small harness on with a broken wire attached to it. Kozub had been at a water park with his family and arrived about an hour later. He taped Puff’s mouth shut and carried him home before putting him in his swimming pool to cool off. It is not against any state laws or DNR regulations to own an alligator. Kozub says Puff has never been a problem and stressed he has always legally owned his pets – adding he notified township officials about Puff when he first moved to the area.

Milford Police Chief Tom Lindberg confirmed the incident for WHMI and Kozub was cited for failing to maintain a reasonable control leash law. (JM)