The company that has plans to construct an 85-unit townhouse development in Brighton called Brighton Square hopes to start construction as early as this summer.

Robertson Brothers Homes of Bloomfield Hills is the developer of a 5.5-acre property owned by John Conely at Flint Road and Temple St. on Brighton’s east side, near Ore Creek. The Brighton Planning Commission unanimously approved the Planned Unit Development site plan at its meeting Monday night.

The development will consist of 1,200-square-foot townhouses with two bedrooms and one-car garages or larger townhouses of 1,500-square-foot size with three bedrooms and two-car garages. There will be 210 total parking spaces, or nearly 2.5 spaces per townhouse. The townhouses will all be owned and there will be no rental units. The prices are expected to be in the low-to-mid $200,000 range for units with one-car garages and in the mid-to-upper 200s for those with two-car garages. Robertson Bros. Manager of Land Acquisition and Development

Tim Loughrin tells WHMI that they plan to construct the development in two phases, but according to market demand, and not all at once. Planning Commission Chair Matt Smith says he doesn’t foresee any problems in the development getting final PUD site plan approval from the City Council.

According to Smith, if final approval is received, and sales are brisk, he expects phase one will be largely completed sometime in the spring of next year. The project needs to go before City Council on May 16th for rezoning and final PUD site plan approval. Loughrin says the company plans to invest about $20 million in the development. (TT)