Demonstrators in Livingston County joined with groups from over 900 locations across the country in an effort to show support to Robert Mueller.

Roughly 2 dozen protesters gathered outside Congressman Mike Bishop’s Brighton headquarters late Thursday afternoon. This came in response to the recent firing/slash- resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Donald Trump’s naming of Matt Whitaker as Acting Attorney General. This puts Whitaker as special counsel Robert Mueller’s boss as Mueller investigates claims to Russian interference within the 2016 election. Democrats fear that Whitaker will stifle the investigation by either firing Mueller or reducing his resources down to a level where the investigation can no longer take place. The protests were organized by the Nobody is Above the Law network that is demanding that Whitaker commit to not assume supervision of Mueller’s investigation.

Sherry Massen came out from Milford to demonstrate and show the President that she believes he is out of line. Massen said “the kinds of manipulations he’s (Trump) doing with the justice department- it isn’t his weapon…” and shouldn’t be used as such. “The separation of the justice department and executive branch is something we should honor, it’s always been that way. And he’s crossed some lines that are really destroying democracy, in my opinion.”

Chair of the Livingston County Democrats, Judy Daubenmier, was part of the protest. Daubenmier said it is important that with Sessions gone, that assurances are made that the investigation will be allowed to continue. She said she hopes the new Congress can provide protection for Mueller and the work he doing because “it’s not over yet.” (MK)