A hearing is set next week on a motion to revoke the bond of a Brighton-area man charged with ten felony counts in two separate criminal cases.

33-year-old Marcus Wayne Nichols was charged in June with four counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count each of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct, unlawful imprisonment, interfering with electronic communication and assault and battery. At his June 5th arraignment a $900,000 bond was set by District Court Judge Shauna Murphy. But that was later reduced by Circuit Court Judge Michael Hatty to $250,000 with a 10% alternative, meaning Nichols only had to post $25,000, which he did and was released July 12th.

However, officials say he violated his bond by assaulting the mother of the victim in the initial case, reportedly using a vehicle to try and hit her and a friend. That prompted Livingston County Prosecutor Bill Vailliencourt’s office to issue two additional charges of felonious assault. When police went to a home Saturday in the Pine Creek subdivision in Genoa Township to arrest him for violating bond, Nichols initially refused to come out, but was eventually taken into custody. At his arraignment Monday, prosecutor’s again requested a $900,000 bond, but that was denied by Magistrate Austin Wright and Nichols again posted another $25,000 before being released.

Vailliencourt says his office requested an emergency motion to revoke Nichols’ bond, was that was denied by Judge Hatty, and instead an August 22nd hearing is scheduled to hear the request. Jinan Hamood is representing Nichols along with Larry Margolis. Hamood says her client is innocent of all charges and should be presumed innocent under the law. "Any individual can accuse another of committing a crime, but an accusation does not make someone a criminal." Hamood added that, "The Court made the right decision regarding his bond after careful consideration of a variety of factors provided by both sides (prosecutor and defense). Larry and I will continue to vigorously defend Marcus on these charges and against the Prosecutor’s ongoing attempts to revoke his bond. The presumption of innocence does not mean much when you are in jail before your trial even begins."

If convicted on the charges against him, Nichols could face 15 years in prison. (JK)