By Jon King /

The Democratic candidate for Livingston County Prosecutor has been endorsed by a former police chief and current court official.

Ragan Lake of Hamburg Township says that Jeff Meussner, the retired Chief of Police for the Southgate Police Department and current Court Administrator for the Twenty-Eighth District Court in Southgate, has endorsed her campaign to be Livingston County’s next prosecutor. Meussner was a police officer for more than 26 years and served as Chief of Police for the Southgate Police Department for two-and-a-half years. Since retiring from the Southgate Police Department, he has served as Court Administrator for the Twenty-Eighth District Court for the last seven years.

“Ragan Lake has all the qualities required of a County Prosecutor,” Meussner says. “She has demonstrated herself to be a person of high integrity and determination. Ragan is extremely competent in applying the law to criminal prosecution. In my 33 years in the criminal justice system, I can’t think of an individual better suited for the position of Prosecutor of Livingston County than Ragan Lake.”

Lake was the Wayne county assistant prosecutor assigned to the 28th District Court for nearly five years. “My favorite aspect of this role was serving as the liaison between the community and the Prosecutor’s Office,” Lake says. “I worked very closely with the local law enforcement agency, the court, and the public. This role gave me a great appreciation for a community-based approach to public safety and one which I intend to implement as Livingston County Prosecutor.” Lake is currently a member of the Wayne County Prosecutor Office’s Child Abuse Unit where she prosecutes felony cases involving child victims and witnesses including child abuse cases, sexual assault cases with child victims and homicide cases with child victims or witnesses.

Lake is running against Republican David Reader on the November 3rd ballot for Livingston County Prosecutor.