Hartland Township officials are looking to amend a major planned development agreement in order to remove certain restrictions for potential incoming businesses.

The Hartland Towne Square Planned Development (PD), located north of M-59 and west of Clark Road, is a commercial development comprised of multiple parcels. It is zoned as a planned development and was first approved in 2008; however since then, there have been seven amendments to the PD agreement regarding issues like directional and wall sign standards. The most recent amendment occurred just this past March and was needed so that an additional drive through restaurant could be constructed there since it exceeded the allotted number of establishments with drive through service.

At a meeting of the township’s Planning Commission Thursday, officials discussed making an eighth amendment with several updated regulatory issues including maintenance of private roads, signage standards, and selective tree removal to boost visibility of businesses within the PD. Township Planner Troy Langer some of the amendments are designed to make the process a little simpler for drive through businesses by eliminating the cap on the number of those that are permitted. He says by eliminating the cap, each site plan can be reviewed independently utilizing a set criteria and the Planning Commission can determine during that process whether a drive through business is appropriate at the proposed location.

Another issue that would be addressed in the proposed amendment is the allowance of LED light fixtures. Langer says most businesses now are using LED lights, but at the time that the PD was originally approved it didn’t anticipate those types of fixtures, so older light fixtures were listed as the only permissible kind. The amendment would remove the need for a business to obtain a waiver to use LED lighting.

The Planning Commission was agreeable with the proposal and voted unanimously to recommend approval to the Board of Trustees, who will consider it at an upcoming meeting. (DK)