Hamburg Township officials are offering special one-time assistance to interested residents in subdivisions with deteriorating county roads.

Supervisor Pat Hohl said that is has become “eminently clear” that the state of Michigan has no intent on funding repairs of local subdivision roads. With many of the subdivisions in Hamburg Township being built in the 1970s, ‘80s, and early ‘90s, the Board of Trustees has approved a program to help homeowners in these subs get their roads fixed.

For subdivisions wishing to participate in the program, Hamburg Township will pay for the bonding costs and the administration costs for the establishment of the road special assessment districts. Additionally, the Livingston County Road Commission has agreed to pay for all bidding, design, drainage, and construction oversights. Supervisor Hohl said it is important that they hear from residents hoping to participate. He said, “What we’d like to do is make sure that residents in those subdivisions reach out and give me a call at the township or send me an email so that we can get them on the list of interested parties. And we’ll put together meetings and begin the process of explaining how, if they wish, they can establish a citizen-initiated special assessment district to get the county roads fixed.”

Hohl said that officials want to stress to residents that this program will end in the spring – that it is a one-shot deal, and is not going to be an annual program. He said the board doesn’t foresee this happening again for perhaps another 10 years. In the spring, the township will sell 1 bond and begin financing the repairs.

Express interest in your subdivision taking part in this program by calling Supervisor Hohl at (810) 222-1116, or by emailing him at (MK)