Sentence has been handed down to a Linden man for shooting his friend to death.

22-year-old Floyd Bryon Blalock Jr. had been charged with second-degree murder in the September 22nd incident that authorities say took place in an apartment on Seymour Road in Argentine Township. That charge was lowered to manslaughter, to which Blalock pleaded guilty to and was sentenced for Monday in Genesee County Circuit Court along with a felony firearm count. He was ordered to serve between 6 and 15 years in prison.

Police responded after receiving a call about the shooting and found 28-year-old Christopher Baldwin dead at the scene. Witnesses said that the two men often joked around with guns, pulling the trigger after unloading the weapon. On the night in question, Blalock had removed the magazine from a 9mm semi-automatic handgun, pointed it at his friend and pulled the trigger thinking the weapon was unloaded. However, Argentine Township Police Chief Daniel Allen said even though the magazine was removed, a bullet remained in the chamber. Baldwin was hit in the chest and died. (JK)