About 1,500 homes in Brighton Twp. are minus electricity today as a result of a power outage. The blackout is situated north of I-96 and west of Old US-23. DTE says the power went out at 9:55 this morning and isn’t expected to be restored until about 11:30 tonight. Another area, located south of Howell - east of D-19 in the Coon Lake Road area - has been without electricity since Saturday afternoon. Some 121 home are affected by that outage and crews have been working since yesterday afternoon to restore service.

Still another area, south of Williamston and Webberville in both Ingham and Livingston counties, has been without power since Saturday at 1:17 p.m. Some 137 homes are affected. The area is located roughly between M-52 and Gregory Road, and the cause of the outage is listed as “wind damage”. Yet a fourth area where the power has been out since yesterday afternoon is centered in an area east of US 23 and north of M-59 in northeastern Livingston County. Some 470 homes are affected by that outage.

Finally, an area, located southeast of Fenton, has left over 1,130 homes and businesses in the dark since Saturday afternoon. DTE says the cause is high winds which peaked at about 50 miles per hour in the region yesterday. Power is also not expected to be fully restored in that area until 11:30 or so tonight.

A portion of the city of Brighton was without power most of Saturday afternoon, and many frustrated football fans were left without being able to watch the all-important Michigan-MSU game on television. Overall in the Detroit Metro area, about 80,000 DTE customers were without power Saturday, and about half that remain without electricity today. Winds near peak velocities of 50 miles per hour resulted in high wind warnings and some areas even got lightning; in fact, lightning strikes caused an over hour-long delay in the Michigan State-Michigan football game in East Lansing. (TT)