Howell Police are hoping to catch a Grinch who stole a package from a resident.

The package was stolen around 1pm on Monday from a home on Maple Street near Jewett in the city. It appears the male suspect was in a black pickup truck, parked on the street near the victim’s home. Videos and photos are posted on the Howell Police Facebook page, along with details of the incident. The post is followed by the hash tags: #nottodaygrinch #tipstersunite and #wewillfindyou. Anyone with information or who recognizes the suspect is asked to contact Howell Police at 517-546-1330.

Meanwhile, authorities advise it is that time of year when people head out to steal delivered packages and they encourage any victims to file a police report. They add people can help protect themselves by installing surveillance cameras and requiring a signature for package delivery. A link to the Howell Police Facebook page is provided. (JM)