Some precincts could be changing for voters in Highland Township.

Highland Township is changing election precinct sites to save money and increase efficiency. Boundaries will remain the same, but the precinct sites for voters could change. As a way to save township money on the new election equipment required by the state, Highland Township’s eight precincts will now be paired up at four locations.

The Clerk’s office evaluated the prior polling locations and some potential new locations for ease of access, amount of parking available, space to fit two precincts, and long term prospects for the availability of the building. Highland Elementary and Spring Mills Elementary are said to both work well for elections, but the VFW Hall, Duck Lake Center, Highland Activity Center, and Apollo Center were less suitable. Two new facilities were chosen to replace them: Highland United Methodist Church and Church of the Holy Spirit.

Officials say voting in church buildings is new to Highland Township but is a common practice in neighboring communities and around the state. It was noted both churches have facilities that will work well for elections and have a strong history of involvement in the local community. The plan was previously approved by the township board. A precinct map is available on the Highland Township website. The link is provided. (JM)