The project, as proposed by Chestnut Development, LLC, would consist of 86 units reduced from the originally planned 94 on a 33-acre parcel that backs up to Popple Lane. Developers had previously requested that the parcel be rezoned from Agricultural Residential, Regional Service Commercial to Multiple Family Residential.

At a May 28th meeting of the township’s Planning Commission, members voted unanimously to recommend approval of the rezoning to the Board of Trustees. The Board will consider their recommendation at their next meeting, July 8th. At a public hearing for the rezoning, a resident adjacent to the parcel voiced concerns over the re-routing of water from wetlands on the property; an aspect that developers are aware of. Also at the hearing was an employee from the Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company who was concerned about an easement that could affect both the property of the proposed development and property where the pipeline runs. Officials believe there should be no confliction in that regard.

A preliminary site plan for the development came before the Planning Commission Tuesday and was unanimously approved, provided some outstanding issues from the township’s Planner and Engineer reports are addressed, and that the parcel receives rezoning approval from the Board of Trustees. Among the details that developers must still work out are issues regarding lighting, preservation of trees on the property, green space for pets, and the potential addition of an on-site maintenance building. (DK)