A local automotive supplier is looking to double its plant in Howell Township by 50,000 square feet.

Project architects and leaders are planning to double the Hatch Stamping Company building, located in Howell Township off of M-59 near the I-96 interchange, by adding approximately 50,000 square feet. While primarily an automotive supplier with a focus on commodities like fuels, brakes, and seating, Hatch also supplies and fuels assembly plants located in Fowlerville and Howell; with facilities in Tennessee, Portland, Mexico and China as well.

If approved, the proposed addition would be built to the north of the existing manufacturing plant. Stewart Claucherty, Director of Industrial Engineering, says the space added to the Howell Township robotic welding plant would provide the group the ability to add new equipment and opportunities with some of their programs, in addition to more employees to launch newer programs.

Preliminary and final site plans for the proposed expansion were brought before the township’s Planning Commission Tuesday. Project leaders say the plans were presented simultaneously because the addition is expected to be fairly straightforward.

The township’s Planning Commission unanimously voted to recommend conditional approval of the site plans to the township’s Board of Trustees, pending final review from the township planner and necessary county entities. If approval is granted, construction is expected to begin in the spring. (DK)