By Jessica Mathews /

The 2020 Master Plan for the Village of Pinckney is up for final approval.

The Planning Commission met recently and voted unanimously to recommend approval of the plan, which is required to be updated every five years. The plan lays out goals and identifies objectives and strategies regarding land use and development and a vision for Pinckney’s future.

The plan features detailed information on the history of Pinckney. It also features details on population and socio-economic characteristics, housing, land use and development patterns, natural features, water resources, green infrastructure and community facilities and services among others. No one spoke during a public hearing that was held prior to the Commission recommending approval of the Master Plan.

Chairman Tom Pais said the plan really looks like something the Village can be proud of, noting it has some innovative things included that will give Council and the Planning Commission plenty to think about when they have to address the Master Plan and deliberate on other things.

The Master Plan has been was already reviewed by the Livingston County Planning Department, which offered positive feedback and recommended approval. The plan is up for final approval by the Village Council, which meets virtually tonight at 7pm. A copy of the plan is attached.