The Village of Pinckney is amending its Master Plan to include information regarding the community’s development potential and goals for underutilized properties.

Village Council met Monday and approved an agreement for services at a cost not to exceed $4,700 with consultation firm The Mannik & Smith Group to amend the municipality’s Master Plan. The Village’s Planning Commission is required to review the Master Plan every five years to determine whether to adopt a new plan or revise the current one. The Planning Commission in March decided to move forward with the latter.

In amending the Master Plan, consultants will incorporate the Village’s Capital Improvement Plan and the evaluation and findings from the municipality’s certification as a Redevelopment Ready Community. The plan will also be changed to include specific “area plans” for underutilized village properties that were identified through the RRC process including the vacant elementary school site, the southwest corner of Main and Marion Streets as well as the DDA property located on that corner, and the old St. Mary’s School and Church. Additionally, the firm will update the future land use map and land use categories.

Once amended, the draft plan will be put through a process to garner input from Village council, residents, contiguous communities, and the county. It will then be further amended accordingly before being considered for final approval. The current Master Plan can be viewed through the link below. (DK)