Students from Pinckney Community Schools will soon be working with local businesses on a project that aims to prevent adults from purchasing and providing alcohol to minors.

“Project Sticker Shock” is a national initiative that Pinckney students have been participating in for several years now. The community awareness campaign allows students to go into area businesses and place brightly-colored stickers on beer and wine coolers with a message reminding customers that it is illegal to provide alcohol to minors.

Several youth-led prevention groups from Pinckney schools take part in the project, including the Students Leading Students group from the high school, Pathfinder Middle School’s STAND-Students Taking a New Direction group, and Navigator Upper Elementary’s It Stops With Students group.

Youth Led Prevention Coordinator Sandra Parker says many businesses in Livingston County are more than happy to take part in the campaign adding, "They're very gracious about letting the kids come in...very eager to work with us. They let the kids take part in stickering and that really gives them the chance to feel like they're actually doing something, making a difference." Parker describes Pinckney’s Youth Led Prevention groups as energetic and motivated youth working together to inspire, lead, educate and grow.

Parker says the campaign takes place twice a year; typically around New Year’s Eve and prior to prom, and gives students the opportunity to take an active role in preventing the provision of alcohol to minors. The goal is to bring awareness during times when alcohol is most sought or consumed by minors. (DK)