An expensive improvement project for two streets in the Village of Pinckney has officials seeking funding help from the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).

Village Council met Monday night and unanimously approved a resolution supporting the funding request for $250,000 through MDOT. The resolution establishes a request for funding and commits the Village to implementing a maintenance program for the reconstruction of Mann and Depot, both of which are village streets. Village President Linda Lavey says the reconstruction project is currently split into two, possibly three phases because it is a complete infrastructure rebuild of the storm sewer and regular sewer lines. The work would also include curb, gutter and sidewalk improvements.

Lavey tells WHMI the phases of the project shifted after officials learned MDOT intends on paving M-36, which intersects with Mann Street. The infrastructure rebuild for Mann and Depot would need to occur before MDOT’s project because the new storm drain will cross M-36. Rebuilding the infrastructure would become phase one, which would push the project’s original phase two to phase three.

As part of the funding request, the Village is required to attest to the existence, and commits to providing, at least $250,000 toward the construction costs of the project, as well as all costs for design, permit fees, administration costs and cost overruns. It is unclear when the village will learn the outcome of their funding request. Lavey says the funding from MDOT would obviously be helpful because the project is expensive, noting that the $250,000 grant would be about a third of the project cost. (DK)