Jessica Mathews /

Pinckney Community Schools has named a new director of technology.

The district, the Board of Education, and the community are welcoming Kevin Krill to his new position. Prior to becoming a Pirate, the district says Krill was co-owner/COO of a small business that worked directly with the industrial automation electronics industry and he brings a personal passion for technology.

Krill is looking forward to making a career change, saying he wants to dedicate the rest of his career to something that he’s personally passionate about. Krill added he’s always yearned to be a part of a team whose overall goals make meaningful impacts within society.

The district says Krill's experience as a leader in the business world will be a great benefit to their work as he shines as a critical thinker and problem solver.

Krill said “The only solutions we find are the ones we ask the most questions about. Different perspectives, outside the box ideas are endless possibilities to be investigated and curated. I embody these ideals and desire an opportunity to let them flourish. To work with people that emphasize these values is supremely important to me."

Superintendent Rick Todd commented “I am excited to start this week by introducing our new Director of Technology, Kevin Krill, who will be officially joining our Pirate Family today! Kevin has learned a lot of what makes being a Pirate so special and he is extremely excited to become an integral part of our team”.