Pinckney school officials are exploring a mobile app that would feature district highlights, important information and more efficient security alerts.

At a recent Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Rick Todd informed board members that he and other district officials have been looking into an app that would be a one-stop shop for parents, students and teachers in search of all district communications. Apptgey is self-described as a company that empowers school leaders to take control of their district’s identity. The app is developed with a specific brand and features in mind for each district, therefore serving as a form of marketing in addition to providing information to stakeholders.

Todd says the app allows principals and teachers to post pictures, events and news to the app’s feed, which can also be shared to social media platforms. The app also has safety features that, in the event of an emergency, can send a mass text or robocall to parents to alert them of the situation. Todd says the app is beneficial because it streamlines all district postings, helping to avoid confusion and searching through various web and social media pages for information.

The one-time fee for the company to develop the app is $7,000, and then $11,000 annually for app maintenance. Todd feels comfortable with the expenditure because the district spends no money on marketing and he feels there is a need to invest in branding, due in part to schools of choice and declining enrollment. Because the total expenditure is under $27,000, Todd does not need the Board of Education’s approval to move forward with the app, based on district policy.

Todd says the goal is to roll the app out by the end of October. (DK)