By Jessica Mathews /

A new partnership has been formed due to what has been described as an alarming increasing rate on cyber-attacks against public entities including court systems, public school systems and municipalities.

Novacoast Inc. and the Pinckney Cyber Training Institute have partnered to provide better cyber security to public and private sector employers in Michigan. The Pinckney Cyber Training Institute, (PCTI) is adding a Security Operations Center (SOC) to the current Michigan Cyber Range Hub. The Center will promote cybersecurity education within any public institution while building a technical workforce talent pipeline, and at the same time serve to strengthen the public and private sector’s security posture.

The initiative is all inclusive and offers network monitoring for hospitals, schools, municipalities and small businesses. Officials say oftentimes, the various entities do not have the technical infrastructure, human resources or available capital to mitigate cybersecurity risks and build a robust defensive strategy. Cybersecurity attacks against public entities including municipalities, court systems and public school systems are increasing at an alarming rate across Michigan and the nation as a whole.

Pinckney students enrolled in the Middle College and Career Inclusion Programs for Cybersecurity, as well as Novacoast, Inc. will play active roles in around-the-clock monitoring and management of the Center. Novacoast Inc. will provide the critical technology necessary for the program, as well as initial training efforts.

Pinckney Superintendent Rick Todd said the initiative is another example of their willingness to be innovative and adaptive as they continue to reshape the educational landscape that not only provides relevant training but addresses a serious need for their business partners and municipalities – adding protecting essential data is paramount in establishing trust and security amongst all stakeholders.

Novcoast CEO Paul Anderson said the services that the center will provide will help municipalities throughout the state improve their security posture while at the same time train security analysts that will fill critical jobs in a field with a severe shortage of qualified people. He said students will learn best practices in cyber security and build the foundation for cybersecurity teams of the future.

Michigan Works! Southeast Director Bill Sleight said they’re incredibly thrilled to have this one-of-a-kind opportunity offered in the region. He says cyber security will impact every industry and it is time they start including it in conversations with area youth, employers and job seekers. Sleight said young adults and job seekers are fortunate to have access to the state-of-the-art facility and unique training programs in their back yard – adding employers are able to pull from a qualified talent pool.