By Mike Kruzman /

A local library is planning and preparing for the day when they are allowed to reopen.

Hope Siasoco, Director of the Pinckney Library, said that despite its current closure, they are getting the library ready for various phases of their re-opening plans. She said, in a release, that they are planning a tightly-controlled phased opening. They will then move to ease those restrictions as indicated by not only restrictions on physical distancing, but also on the availability of PPE and their own ability to manage each phase safely and successfully. Siasoco said their top priority, is in fact, the safety and well-being of the community and their staff. While they have placed PPE supply orders weeks ago, many of the items are backordered. Siasoco says that even when the shelter-in-place executive order is lifted and the library is allowed to reopen, they won’t consider it until they have adequate supplies on-hand.

Additionally, the library will be quarantining all returned materials for 72 hours before shelving them. When they are legally allowed to, they will offer curbside service, no-contact home delivery, and after hours lockers to high risk patrons, including faxing, photocopying, and scanning services.

Siasoco assures that they are working closely with local and county health and public safety departments, and are following advice from the Library of Michigan and the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services.

In the meanwhile, the library has expanded its digital online collections of ebooks, music, movies, and more. They have also extended the reach of their wireless internet service for broader access on library property. For more information, check their website,