Following a gas leak earlier today, students at Pinckney High School were evacuated to the school's football field and then sent home for the day.

The leak was thought to have occurred in a roof unit at the school on Dexter-Pinckney Road shortly after class began for the day. Students were evacuated to the school’s football field and from there were allowed to return home either by bus or if a parent or guardian picked them up. According to Pinckney Superintendent Rick Todd, as of 11am, all of the school's students were on their way home. Todd said he was proud of how "awesome" the students were throughout the entire process and that they relied on their "flexibility, patience and trust in getting everyone taken care of and more importantly, home safely with a parent or on the bus." Todd added that the local EMS and Livingston County Crisis Response Team, "were a great support as they provided water and made sure any and all health related concerns could be addressed immediately."

Todd also commended the school's staff who he said were instrumental in making sure students felt safe and informed while working with parents/guardians who were there to pick up their student. "The leadership, calmness and compassion they exhibited were vital in making our students feel more at ease and they also were instrumental for the efficiency of the entire process. Given the recent events in our nation, it is expected that both student's and parent's anxiety would be elevated in any type of emergency, but our staff did a wonderful job in helping minimize the worry that comes when unexpected situations like this occur."

Todd said he fully expected that the gas issue will be fixed this afternoon and that school will be in session tomorrow at the high school. (JK)