By Mike Kruzman /

A local school district is holding a fundraiser for therapy dogs.

Pinckney Community Schools is seeking to raise $10,000 for their “A Pirate’s Best Friend: PCS Therapy Dog Project” fundraiser. Superintendent Rick Todd said they are hoping one day to have a four-legged friend in every school, but are starting with one. The money raised will not only go towards the purchase of the dog, but also support its everyday care, food needs, and veterinary needs.

Therapy dogs have been a success in some neighboring districts, like Brighton, with Todd saying they are working with individuals from that program in starting theirs. Brighton recently sent some of their therapy dogs to Oxford to give their students some needed love in light of the November 30th school shooting there that left four dead.

Therapy dogs can help with the social-emotional needs of students who may be experiencing anxiousness or sadness, or are upset for any number of reasons.

Pinckney Community Schools is looking for business sponsors and private donors to help support this endeavor. As an added bonus, the biggest sponsor will get to name the dog and be advertised on the dog’s vest. Donations can be made by clicking the yellow Donate button in the lower-right corner on any of the district’s website pages, and then by selecting the therapy dog fundraiser from the drop-down menu.

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