Anyone with an interest in discussing deep philosophical questions will now have a Livingston County venue to do so.

The Philosophers’ Club will be begin meeting at 6:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month beginning this Wednesday, September 18 at the Brighton Coffeehouse and Theatre in Downtown Brighton. The club is sponsored by the Brighton District Library and facilitated by Philip Smith, a retired high school social studies teacher from the Charyl Stockwell Preparatory Academy. Smith used Christopher Phillips' book, Six Questions of Socrates when he taught Theory of Knowledge to high school students. He says students enjoyed the discussions and wanted more opportunities to deal with higher-level philosophical questions.

As a result, he decided to launch a Philosophers’ Club, which Smith says is open to anyone from high school through 100 years of age. Smith tells WHMI that each month questions will be posed to the group, which will then vote on one question to discuss. Smith says the idea for each meeting is for people to discover their own unique finding, and for participants to leave with more questions than they came with.

Possible questions could range from "What is virtue” to "What is courage?” to "How do we define ethics?” Smith says this is an interesting time in the history of our country and that many people don't have the opportunity to hear what others have to say about issues. He hopes the club will give them the chance to learn about many points of view. “It isn't designed to solve the world's problems, but more to give people a chance to ponder questions they may have always wanted to discuss in a friendly atmosphere.”

Registration for the Philosophers’ Club is required and begins two weeks prior to each session, but there is no limit to the number of participants. Please register each month by calling 810-229-6571 ext. 227 or going to the link below. (JK)