A pharmacist at a Massachusetts facility responsible for the 2012 fungal meningitis outbreak that killed 76 people and sickened hundreds of others has been sentenced.

Glenn Chin was ordered to serve eight years in prison. He apologized to the victims before he was sentenced in Boston's federal courthouse today. Chin was cleared in October of second-degree murder charges, but convicted of racketeering and mail fraud. Chin was supervisory pharmacist at the now-closed New England Compounding Center's clean rooms, where the drugs were made. Prosecutors had sought 35 years in prison and Chin's attorneys asked for about three. Pharmacy Co-Founder Barry Cadden was also acquitted of murder, but was convicted of conspiracy and fraud. He's serving a nine-year prison term. In Livingston County and Southeast Michigan area, more than 200 people became sick and 15 people died after receiving the tainted injections from a clinic in Brighton. Nationwide, there were 76 deaths from the tainted steroids. Some victims were not happy with either of the sentences handed down for Chin and Cadden, and that neither was convicted of murder, with one commenting 80 people are dead but nobody is responsible. Chin must report to prison in March.

Meanwhile, $40 (m) million was earlier set aside by the Department of Justice, which will be awarded to victims and families who apply and meet certain criteria. The Massachusetts Attorney General’s office was establishing a process through which claims will be disbursed. To be eligible for the funds, victims must apply by March 1st. (JM)