By Mike Kruzman /

The Hamburg Township Board of Trustees has approved a site plan for a new 24-hour gas station.

The Pettysville Gas Station will be located on a 2-acre site located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Pettysville Road and M-36. It will consist of a 5,244-square-foot convenience store that includes restaurant space, and 16 gas pumps.

The Hamburg Township Planning Commission gave preliminary approval based on the meeting of 10 conditions, which during final plan review they felt were largely met. Once constructed, it will be the only 24-hour business in that area of Hamburg. The applicant has agreed to a lighting plan that should minimize the impact on neighbors. The final site plan came to the Board of Trustees with a recommendation for approval based on satisfying the remainder of the conditions. One condition was added at the planning commission’s last meeting and dealt with materials used for accessing a proposed dog park on the site.

Zoning Administrator Chris Madigan explained that the developer originally planned to use woodchips, but the planning commission preferred they use gravel instead. Treasurer Jason Negri asked if the developer had a preference and whether using gravel would create a hardship, but Madigan said they were fine with it. Supervisor Pat Hohl said, in his history, woodchips have a way of deteriorating and he felt gravel would be more suitable for the path.

Other conditions included items like bringing a full sign plan and receiving the normal permits from the county and state. Madigan said the developer is also working with the landowner to the northwest to better provide a connected pathway to the site, with connections to the Lakelands Trail. This proposed connection is consistent with the Master Plan and the Livingston County Trails Map.

The Board approved the final site plan unanimously.