The Livingston County Board of Commissioners have re-elected their chair and vice chair.

At Wednesday night’s meeting of the Board, County Commissioners voted in favor of keeping Don Parker as Chairman and Dennis Dolan as Vice Chairman. Parker thanked the Board for the vote of confidence and said he was very pleased with the work they accomplished last year. He said 2018 was a successful year, as they operated under a balanced budget and put an extra $9.3-million into their pension plan. Parker called it a real accomplishment to be able to do that while keeping adequate cash reserves and maintaining their Moody’s AAA bond rating.
Parker said that being able to make that extra pension contribution for the promises made to employees while still maintaining the lowest tax rate of the 83 counties in Michigan is a real accomplishment.

Going forward in 2019, he says that they will continue to build upon the foundations they’ve laid. He pointed out efforts and movement that will need to be taken as new guidelines come down from the state with regards to indigent, or public, defense as one of the challenges they will face. Parker also pointed towards the construction and completion on the new 9-1-1 building in the coming year.

A 14-year member of the Board of Commissioners, Parker said he was honored and humbled to serve, and that he will continue to work hard for the people of Livingston County. (MK)