Commissioner Donald S. Parker was elected to the Board at MAC’s 2019 Legislative Conference Tuesday. Parker was elected by MAC members, who are also commissioners, from the group of five candidates competing for two board slots. He fills the Region 4 seat and was immediately sworn into the Board upon his election.

Parker is said to have recently been working at the forefront of MAC’s efforts in the area of indigent defense by advocating on behalf of the counties before both the State Senate Appropriations Committee and Michigan Indigent Defense Commission. Indigent defense is expected to be one of Parker’s highest priorities during his term. MAC Board President, Ken Borton of Otsego County, says they look forward to having Parker’s “long legal and county government expertise” on the board.

Parker, an attorney with over 14 years of experience in private practice, serves as a Trustee in the Michigan Counties Worker’s Compensation Fund. He has served as a Livingston County Commissioner for 14 years.

The Michigan Association of Counties is an alliance of Michigan counties working to enhance county government through advocacy, shared services, and education. Since its founding in 1898, MAC has been the counties’ voice at the state and federal level, providing legislative support on key issues affecting counties.