By Jon King /

Monday is the second straight Ozone Action Day, according to the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, or SEMCOG.

According to Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) meteorologists, a stagnant air mass remains due to higher humidity and light winds. The combination will make conditions right for formation of smog pollution with high levels of ozone. SEMCOG says that the long-range forecast will keep the region in the same hot, humid air mass until the end of the week. While ozone acts as a protective layer in the upper atmosphere, at ground level it has a negative effect, causing a variety of health problems, particularly for the elderly, children, and people with asthma or other lung diseases. Consequently, residents are being asked to drive less during this time and either ride a bicycle or walk to their destinations. You’re also asked to delay mowing your lawn until evening or the next morning, as gasoline exhaust from lawnmowers and other lawn and garden equipment help form the noxious, non-reactive gas. You’re also asked to not fill your car’s gas tank during this period as the fumes contribute to ozone formation, and therefore, air pollution. Finally, you’re asked to reduce electricity use by turning your thermostat up a couple of degrees.

You’ll find additional details through the link below.