An innovative therapy center is opening a new state-of-the-art facility in Brighton.

The Oxford Recovery Center promotes healing through a variety of research based therapies that help improve a patient’s health and quality of life. Founder Dr. Tami Peterson said they at Oxford are most known for the hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which can heal sports injuries, traumatic brain injuries, concussions, and more. They also offer a unique neuro-physical therapy that can treat those who are suffering from the effects of brain injuries, a stroke, or cerebral palsy.

The center also provides programs for music therapy, applied behavioral analysis, nutritional coaching, and weight loss and wellness. Their newest program, Autism Recovery Thru Synergy, or ARTS, uses a combination of current therapies and new methods to heal people with the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Peterson said they believe autism is recoverable and they have seen such positive results that schools believe some children were misdiagnosed, despite previously showing all signs and symptoms. Their method involves using hyperbaric oxygen therapy to calm down inflammation in the brain and then applying a unique mix of neurofeedback, applied behavioral analysis, creative arts, and movement.

Thursday night, Peterson and associates are cutting the ribbon on Oxford’s new 26,000 square foot facility on Whitmore Lake Road in Green Oak Township, near Costco. An open is scheduled on Saturday from 1pm until 5. Staff, doctors, and parents of children who’ve been through the ARTS program will be on hand to talk to interested parties who can also tour the facility and participate in special classes throughout the afternoon. (MK)