By Mike Kruzman /

Over half of Livingston County’s senior population and nearly a quarter of the total number of residents have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

Livingston County Health Department Director Dianne McCormick gave her latest vaccination update to the Board of Commissioners, Monday. Though Livingston County started slow with allocation numbers, ground is being made up, bringing it closer to the state average of first doses administered. In Livingston County, 54.1% of residents 65 and older have received at least a first dose, compared to the 63.7% state average. Two weeks ago the county was 16 percentage points behind. Just under 24% of Livingston’s total population has gotten a shot compared to 28.5% for the state. McCormick said their weekly allocations have been increasing and they are scheduled to receive 2,200 first doses this week, plus 1,500 second doses.

McCormick said they have come across some problematic issues, though, namely with people getting their first dose out-of-county and wanting their second dose in-county. She asked people, if at all possible, to avoid this. McCormick said she doesn’t know what the “right answer is,” but they are telling people to get their second dose where they got their first. For snowbirds that may have gotten that first shot down south, she said, is one thing, but people in Michigan who traveled in-state to get it, should return to that same place for the second.

Another issue resulted from the LCHD’s initial vaccine interest form not asking for ages in the first few days it was posted. In an effort to target seniors 60 and up, they sent out a link for a recent clinic asking in bold print for only people who meet the age requirement to sign up. McCormick said they had about 50 young people who still signed up and were turned away, unhappy.

She announced that Walgreen’s has now been added to the federal program with Meijer, Kroger’s and Rite Aid to receive direct shipments, and they should have more information on another round of the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine soon.