A proposed ordinance to restrict the use of groundwater on contaminated properties in South Lyon was a topic of discussion at Monday’s council meeting.

At issue is groundwater contamination from the Michigan Seamless Tube property on McMunn Street that has been present since at least 2004. That contamination has now affected eight properties to the south and east of Michigan Seamless Tube, including the city’s DPW yard and wastewater treatment facility. Monitoring wells indicate levels of iron, manganese and molybdenum much higher than acceptable for human consumption.

The ordinance would prohibit the installation of drinking and non-drinking water wells on those properties to avoid potential health hazards. Michigan Seamless Tube attorney AnnMarie Sanford addressed the board and said the current owners purchased the site in 2002 after the previous owner declared bankruptcy and began operations under an agreement regulating the facility through the Resource Conservation Recovery Act. That act allows the government to control all aspects of hazardous waste stemming from the site. The company has also been under a consent order since 2004 to remediate the property’s environmental issues.

State environmental officials said while the company has already put about $2 million toward that goal and remains in compliance, it clear that there needs to be a definite restriction on anyone actually using that water for consumption. Council heard the presentation and delayed taking any action and plans to further consider it at a future meeting. (JK)