By Mike Kruzman /

An upcoming event will encourage community-wide discussion on the environment and sustainability.

The Livingston County United Way is inviting residents to take part in the discussion session which will be held over Zoom on Thursday, January 27th, from 3pm to 4:30pm. Key topics will include the environment, recycling and composting, green gardening, clean energy, waste reduction, and transportation alternatives.

United Way Community Investments Director Liz Welch says that this will be an opportunity to hear various community members and organizations that are already acting on these issues, learn what work is being done that can be amplified in the local community, and learn what needs still exist. Welch states that Livingston County is well known for being pioneers in collaboration and county-wide solutions, and asks why should its progress with environmental efforts be any different?

To reserve a spot in the conversation, email her at