By Jessica Mathews /

A resolution is expected to be brought forward regarding alcohol use at the Oceola Township pavilion.

Currently, alcohol use is prohibited on the township hall premises but not at the nearby pavilion on the township park property. The topic was discussed at the board’s last monthly meeting. State law basically says if there’s no ordinance on the books, then it’s deemed legal outdoors. Currently, the pavilion is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

There haven’t been any complaints but it was brought to the township's attention because someone actually asked.

Supervisor Bill Bamberr told the board a woman called and wanted to rent the pavilion and inquired about serving alcohol. Bamber said he told her he would check with their attorney and was informed that it is allowed unless the board takes action prohibiting it.

Some board members raised questions about enforcement, which could be difficult since the pavilion currently can’t be booked and there wouldn’t be any person on record unless they started doing rentals. There was also talk of making violations a civil infraction.

The board ultimately directed the attorney to draw up a resolution or ordinance of some form prohibiting alcohol on the park premises. It will be discussed at a future meeting and Bamber said they’ll see where the votes fall.

Photo: Oceola Township.