Jessica Mathews /

Tuesday’s August Primary was a busy day for local clerks and election workers, with many reporting smooth operations and decent voter turnout.

In Oceola Township, all six voting precincts are now located at the new Oceola Community Center on the township hall property off Latson Road.

Clerk Jaime Clay told WHMI things actually went really well on Election Day. She said they weren’t really sure because of the new polling location but it’s been wonderful.

Clay said they put a lot of different things in place, so election inspectors and voters were very happy. She noted it was just a smooth day.

Clay added it was busier than a normal Primary election, maybe not as busy as they thought, but it was a good day.

Final turnout for Livingston County stood at 31.75% of registered voters, which County Clerk Elizabeth Hundley said follows the traditional pattern of a lower turnout during a Primary Election.

Complete unofficial election results are available on the Livingston County Clerk’s website. That link is provided.

All election results are considered un-official until certified by the Board of Canvassers. That board will start the canvass Thursday at 9am.