A slower speed limit may soon be posted on a popularly travelled road in Oceola Township. The Oceola Township Board of Trustees discussed, Thursday night, the plausibility of conducting a study to see whether in fact a decreased speed limit is warranted on Eager Road, between M-59 and Golf Club. Supervisor Bill Bamber said the request was made by a concerned homeowner in the area.

Trustee Lance Schuhmacher noted that it’s currently a 55mph speed limit on the winding stretch of road that often serves as a bypass for motorists wishing to avoid the heavily trafficked Latson Road and M-59 intersection. Trustee Robert Henshaw wondered if this would come as a cost to the township, but Bamber said he didn’t believe.

The Supervisor said that should the Livingston County Road Commission decide to perform the study, a three person committee would be created to determine the necessity of lowering the speed limit. That committee would consist of Bamber himself, a member from the Road Commission, and a member of the state police. The officer will then be assigned to observe the stretch of road for a set amount of time.

Later this year on Eager Road, the Road Commission will perform work on the intersection at M-59, installing a traffic light. Following completion of that project, the Board of Trustees expects work on the Eager Road bridge that has been years in the making to finally begin. (MK)

Picture courtesy of Google Street View